SMR - Journal Of Service Management Research


SMR – Journal of Service Management Research

The leading European Journal of interdisciplinary service management welcomes submission from all areas of service research, especially

  • empirical studies (qualitative as well as quantitative),
  • methological studies,
  • theoretical studies,
  • conceptual studies and
  • overviews

From time to time special issues dedicated to a particular topic or to outstanding contributions from a conference may be published.

Open Access

We give you the opportunity to publish your article Open Access. This will improve the visibility and accessibility of your research. We guarantee a high-quality, constructive and quick review process.  
Publishing Open Access articles involves an Open Access publication fee (1.700 €).


Submission guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted exclusively.

Please take note of our

Securing a high-quality, constructive and quick review process

SMR is interested in sophisticated interdisciplinary studies on various topics of service research. The review process is double-blind with at least two reviewers. Members of the editorial board as well as colleagues with outstanding background are consulted as reviewers. The editors guarantee that binding acceptances or rejections are realized after a maximum of two revision rounds. A review period is completed after a maximum of 60 days. Furthermore the editors take care for constructive reviews which serve to improve the quality of the manuscript effectively.

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Swift Turnarounds

Currently authors can expect publication within half a year once a manuscript is accepted by the editors.

Current Issue

SMR 4/2018


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