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SMR – Journal of Service Management Research

The leading European Journal of interdisciplinary service management welcomes submission from all areas of service research, especially

  • empirical studies (qualitative as well as quantitative),
  • methological studies,
  • theoretical studies,
  • conceptual studies and
  • overviews.

From time to time special issues dedicated to a particular topic or to outstanding contributions from a conference may be published.

Open Access

We give you the opportunity to publish your article Open Access. This will improve the visibility and accessibility of your research. We guarantee a high-quality, constructive and quick review process.  
Publishing Open Access articles involves an Open Access publication fee (1.700 €).

Secondary Exploitation Right

After 12 months from publication the author is allowed to publish the manuscript-version of the article for non-commercial purposes according to the provisions in Section 38 (4) of the German Act on Copyright and Related Rights (UrhG).


SMR is indexed on Google Scholar, Baidu Xue Shu, Proquest, and OCLC.


Submission guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted exclusively.

Please take note of our

Securing a high-quality, constructive and quick review process

SMR is interested in sophisticated interdisciplinary studies on various topics of service research. The review process is double-blind with at least two reviewers. Members of the editorial board as well as colleagues with outstanding background are consulted as reviewers. The editors guarantee that binding acceptances or rejections are realized after a maximum of two revision rounds. A review period is completed after a maximum of 60 days. Furthermore the editors take care for constructive reviews which serve to improve the quality of the manuscript effectively.

Please take note of our

Swift Turnarounds

Currently authors can expect publication within half a year once a manuscript is accepted by the editors.

Publication Ethics

According to the mission statement of the publishers C.H. Beck and Vahlen, Journal of Service Management Research SMR aims to advance and disseminate understanding and knowledge via its scholarly publications in the field of sercice management research. In line with this mission statement, the journal adopts a neutral position on issues discussed within its publications.

We offer the following types of access to our journal articles:

  • Printed journal (subscription)
  • Digital archive on Vahlen eLibrary with search function and PDFs for download
  • EBSCO with an embargo of 12 months
  • JSTOR with a moving wall of 3 years
  • Online purchase of single articles in planning stage
  • Open access to selected articles

Journal of Service Management Research SMR is committed to adhering to standards of ethical behaviour at all steps of the publication process and we furthermore recommend the Best Practice Guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Publication Ethics for Journal Editors

Editors should be accountable for everything published in their journal: this requires having measures at hand to assess the quality of the material they accept for the journal as well as a willingness to publish clarifications or corrections if necessary. Editors should carry out their duties in a fair and balanced way, without discrimination due to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious or political beliefs. Editors should thoroughly inform authors and reviewers on everything that is expected of them.

Peer Review

The Editors should be able to decide which articles to publish based on the quality and suitability of the article for the journal without interference from the journal publisher.

A description of the submission guidelines and the peer review processes of Journal of Service Management Research SMR, is ready to justify any substantial deviation from the described processes. The Editors process submissions in a fair, unbiased and timely manner, treat all manuscripts as confidential and any distribution to others only occurs for purposes of peer-review. Editors-in-chief have secure systems to keep peer reviewers’ identities confidential unless an open review system is used and has been declared to authors and reviewers.

Journal of Service Management Research SMR ensure editorial decisions are not affected by commercial considerations. No issues should be funded by third parties. In addition to the own ethical guidelines the Editors are guided by COPE flowcharts in case any misconduct (including plagiarism) or disputed authorship is suspected.

To appeal against the Editor-in-Chief, authors of Journal of Service Management Research SMR could contact any Editor. This mechanism is declared as a policy of the Publisher.

Editorial Board

The Editor-in-Chief provides guidelines for new Editorial Board members on everything that is expected of them and updates existing members on new policies and developments.

Conflicts of Interest

In case of own conflicts of interest, the Editor-in-Chief asks one of the Editors to handle a submission. He/she similarly handles conflicts of interest for staff, authors, reviewers and editorial board members.

Publication Ethics for Journal Article Authors

Authors should declare that all work in their submitted manuscript is original and give appropriate references to content from other sources to avoid plagiarism. Authors must ensure their contribution does not contain any libellous matter and does not infringe any copyright or other intellectual property rights or any further rights of any third party.

The order of authorship should be jointly determined by all of the co-authors and the listing of authors should accurately reflect who wrote the article and carried out the research. All authors should be aware that their paper was submitted to the journal and agree that the main author signs the transfer-of-copyrights-form on their behalf.

Authors ensure that their manuscript is not under consideration, review or accepted for publication elsewhere. In case any sections of the manuscript overlap with published or submitted work, this should be acknowledged and cited.

If any content from third-party sources is reproduced, authors should obtain the permission to do so (text and images). Unfortunately, the Journal of Service Management Research SMR is unable to publish third-party content for which no permission has been obtained (excluding content covered by fair dealing).

All funded research papers should list the source of funding for the research project. Further sources of support should also be clearly mentioned in the manuscript, typically in an acknowledgement. Furthermore, any potential conflicts of interest relating to a specific article should be declared by the authors. If there is a significant error in their published piece, authors should inform the Editor and cooperate with the Editor to publish an erratum, addendum or retraction if necessary.

Publication Ethics for Journal Article Reviewers

Reviewers should review the manuscript with care, consideration and objectivity, in a timely manner and are expected to assist in improving the quality of a submitted article.

Reviewers should inform the journal Editor if they are aware of any published or submitted content that is similar to the material under review, or if any plagiarism is suspected. They should clearly declare if any potential conflicts of interest relating to a specific article or author arises and they should respect the confidentiality of any information or material handled during the review process.


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