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Consumer law in Europe is at a crossroads. With the implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive the European legislator wanted to set a new standard across the European Union. The harmonisation of laws has now reached a level that brings the internal market closer to consumers and that enables businesses to cross the borders from Sweden to Italy, from Portugal to Estonia, from Romania to Ireland.

However, there are
new challenges ahead. What will be the future of private law harmonisation after the European Commission has deleted the proposal of a Common European Sales Law from its priority list? Could the Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy be a starting point for a new regulatory architecture? How will online dispute resolution change the map of European consumer law?

These and other questions concerning the future of consumer law and market regulation need a European platform for analysis and debate. The
Journal of European Consumer and Market Law (EuCML) aims at providing such a platform and thus fills a gap in existing publications in the field of European consumer law. We see EuCML as a forum for the community of consumer and market lawyers to get information about current affairs, to discuss issues of a European dimension and to read about current legal developments in other countries.

EuCML takes
a fresh perspective at consumer law that goes beyond the traditional understanding of consumer law as consumer protection law and includes the perspective of doing business in the B2C market. Thus we interpret our topic always in the context of market order and market integration in Europe. In addition, we understand the term consumer in a broad sense encompassing, for instance, users, passengers and insurance policy holders.

In doing so, EuCML builds on the roots of the Zeitschrift für Europäisches Unternehmens und Verbraucherrecht (euvr),
the bilingual journal on consumer and market law, established in 2012. The concept of EuCML largely follows the path we set with euvr.

The journal contains
double blind peer-reviewed articles of highest quality as well as shorter contributions on current topics in the section ‘Comment & Analysis’.

It is our aim to make EuCML
not only a necessary read for academics in the field but to provide relevant information from all over Europe for practitioners in law firms, courts, undertakings, associations and administrative authorities. Most notably in this regard, the new section called EuCML Reports provides an overview of a current topic from the perspective of different Member States (e.g. implementation of directives or cross-cutting issues such as different regulatory approaches of Member States to new digital business models). Additionally, book reviews and notices keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in European consumer law.

The editors, a team of young
European professors and researchers from several EU Member States, and the esteemed experts in the Editorial Board of EuCML guarantee the high quality of the journal.

A journal is only as good as its readership. We invite you to read – and we encourage you to participate. Since you are actively engaged in shaping modern consumer law we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Please, get in touch by writing to

Enjoy EuCML!


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