EU-Commission: Second Stage Consultation on the Protection of Employee Personal Data

A first stage consultation of the European social partners by the European Commission on an initiative designed to improve protection of personal data in the employment context started in August 2001.

The social partners, who include mainly employer and labor organziations, submitted their opinions to the Commission in response. The second stage consultation, which started on November 4, is based on their input. In the view of European Commissioner for Labor and Social Affairs Anna Diamantopoulou, the Commission should propose a new directive dealing with employee data. Concretely, the following provisions may be considered: (1) strict limitation of the role of consent; (2) worker co-determination for personal data processing; (3) restrictions on processing without approval of supervisory authorities and of employees; and (4) processing of health and criminal records data only in exceptional circumstances.

MMR 2002, Heft 12, XIII