Danish Judgment Threatens Internet Linking

Bypassing the home pages of websites and linking directly to their content could soon be illegal in Denmark.

Danish online news service Newsbooster could be banned from linking directly to the stories of rival news sites following a case brought against the web service by the Danish Newspaper Publishers' Association (DNPA). Newsbooster enables users to access the latent news, by offering links to headlines on national and international internet news sites. DNPA considers the use of deep links an infringement of the newspapers' intellectual property rights and criticizes Newsbooster for sending regular newsletters to its subscribers, updating its deep links to other newspapers' headlines systematically as soon as news breaks. The three biggest newspapers of Denmark announced in court the plans to create, in a joint venture, a similar news service online, and a direct competitor to Newsbooster.

Quelle: http://www.legalmediagroup.com/news/print.asp?SID=10600&CH=

MMR 2002, Heft 7, XXIV