Dr. Axel Spies

FCC verlangt von Carriern Registrierungsnummer

Starting December 3, 2001, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will require most filings to include the FCC Registration Numbers (FRNs) of the submitting and paying entities.

An FRN is a unique identifier assigned to an entity upon registration in the Commission Registration System (CORES).

FRNs primarily will be used to track payments and compliance with payment obligations. Most FCC filings, including those that do not require payment at the time of submission, will be required to include FRN information.

Filings made through the FCC's electronic licensing databases (such as Universal Licensing System [ULS] and the International Bureau Filing System) will not be accepted without an FRN. Additionally, the FCC will dismiss or return paper filings that do not properly include an FRN, with the exception of those filings submitted pursuant to an FCC-mandated deadline. In those situations, filers will have ten days to supplement or correct FRN information.

Because the FCC will track fee payment compliance through FRNs, carriers will need to be careful to use the same FRN for payments that are to be associated with a particular license or authorization. For example, if a carrier applies for a license using one FRN and remits regulatory fees or other payments using another FRN, the FCC's records will show that those fees were not properly paid.

Wireless carriers that use the ULS have automatically been assigned FRNs by the FCC. All other carriers must register for FRNs. A carrier may electronically register for an FRN through the FCC's website, or may register with an application submitted by mail. Updates also may be submitted electronically or by mail.

A carrier can confirm whether it already has an FRN (or look up other companies' FRNs) through the FCC's website as well.

Dr. Axel Spies, Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman, LLP, Washington, DC.

MMR 1/2002