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ISSUE 1/2019


International Grocery Retailers` Country Environment, Resources and Local Performance.
A Cross-classified Multi-Level Approach
Bernhard Swoboda and Lukas Morbe
The authors strike two new paths, one methodological one and one in the unique context observed. Retailers have dynamically expanded into countries selected based on their attractiveness, local competition, or cultural proximity. However, knowledge on the relevance of such environmental factors for retail formats’ local performance is limited. To provide insights into their relevance, country-specific and store format-specific environments as antecedents of local performance are conceptualized and firms’ resources as moderators are considered. (to the Executive Summary)

Why Consumers Buy Sustainably: The Role of Personal Values
Ingo Balderjahn and Alexandra Hüttel
Sustainable consumption is not an all-or-none phenomenon because it encompasses various behaviours such as the purchase of environmentally friendly or fair-trade products and movements towards product-sharing and voluntary simplicity. Therefore, firms must be aware of different sustainability consumer types as well as different sustainability markets. This paper provides new theoretical and empirical insights into consumers’ sustainability consciousness, its roots in human values, and its effects on consumer behaviour.  (to the Executive Summary)

Customer Participation in the Specification of Services: The Role of Psychological Ownership and Participation Enjoyment
Thomas Robbert, Lennart Straus, and Stefan Roth
The specification of services takes place at the pre-purchase stage, and thus this co-creation experience has important implications for service providers because it can influence customers’ purchase intentions. One way to enhance the co-creation experience is through customer participation. Ample evidence indicates that participation positively influences post-service evaluation. While most research suggests economic reasons for this influence, the current work proposes that psychological reasons, such as participation enjoyment and psychological ownership, are more relevant.  (to the Executive Summary)

Antecedents of WOM: Product Appraisal and Brand Relationship as Drivers of Customer Referral Dimensions
Tobias Reckmann and Thorsten Teichert
Word of Mouth is typically investigated as an exogeneous variable influencing consumers´ future product purchases. Whereas drivers of positive and negative WOM are well investigated, antecedents of different types of positive WOM are hardly differentiated. This research investigates the multifaceted nature of consumers’ product and brand encounters as antecedents of distinct WOM referral dimensions. (to the Summary)

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