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ISSUE 2/2018

A User`s Guide to the Galaxy of Conjoint Analysis and Compositional Preference Measurement
Michael Steiner and Martin Meißner
The authors argue, that academics aiming to measure preferences for the first time are faced with a ‘galaxy’ of conjoint analytic and alternative compositional preference measurement approaches. The aim of this paper is to provide guidance to these key challenges.  (to the Executive Summary)

Control Variables in Marketing Research
Martin Klarmann and Sven Feurer
In empirical marketing research that does not rely on fully randomized experiments, control variables are an important tool to rule out rival alternative explanations for the observed relationships. The authors develop and discuss fifteen recommendations for control variable use in marketing research. (to the Executive Summary)

Causal Inference Using Mediation Analysis or Instrumental Variables - Full Mediation in the Absence of Conditional Independence
Thomas Otter, Max J. Pachali, Stefan Mayer and Jan R. Landwehr
In this paper, the authors discuss the communalities and differences between IV estimation and mediation analysis. Their discussion implies that conditional independence between the manipulated cause and the effect, given the hypothesized mediator, is a strong indication of mediation. (to the Executive Summary)

Avoiding Pitfalls in Experimental Research in Marketing
Anja Spilski, Andrea Gröppel-Klein and Heribert Gierl
The authors point out some general issues concerning experimentation and connect them with the current methodological discussions of specific problems.They aim to draw novice experimenters’ attention to important issues that otherwise may represent pitfalls in the experimental process.   (to the Executive Summary)

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