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ISSUE 1/2018

Can`t Get Enough of Myself: The Return of Narcissus in Autoerotic Female Poses in Advertisements
Stefan Thomas and Heribert Gierl
The authors investigate the impact of motifs depicting female models in a mildly autoerotic, narcissistic pose in advertisements on responses of female consumers towards the promoted products.  (to the Executive Summary)

Construal-Level Perspective on Consumers` Donation Preferences in Relation to the Environment and Health
Sabrina Lucke and Joerg Koenigstorfer
The goal of the study is to assess the interrelationship between psychological distance (and closeness) and environmental (and health) concepts as well as to assess the influence of primed distance (vs. closeness) on consumers’ intentions to donate for environmental and health charities.  (to the Executive Summary)

"The dose makes the poison": Investigating the Optimum Level of a Salesperson`s Charisma
Sandra Pauser and Udo Wagner
Charismatic individuals possess the ability to articulate themselves through specific behaviours that inspire others. Recent research has confirmed that charisma is learnable, and that it relates to various performance and organizational outcomes in multiple fields. There is still limited understanding of how to develop charisma and whether there exists an optimum level (i. e., supersaturation) of charisma, especially in the personal selling domain. (to the Executive Summary)

Success Factors for Sales via Intermediation Platforms
Erfolgsfaktoren für den Verkauf über Vermittlungsplattformen
Rainer Olbrich and Nina Lehmann
Online marketplaces are an important part of online retailing. In this study, an intermediation platform is analysed as a rare form of online marketplaces from the perspective of providers and their success factors. The sales success and the upstream number of views are used as de­pendent variables.   (to the Executive Summary)

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