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ISSUE 2/2017

Who Would Like to be Treated Fairly? Utilizing the Entitativity and the Singularity Concept for Creating Effective Advertisements to Promote Fair-Trade Products
Tanja Steinhart and Heribert Gierl
The authors provide an overview of prior research on immediate evaluative responses toward objects and persons depending on their entitativity and singularity and transfer these insights to a novel field: the advertising of fair-trade products (to the Management Summary).

Using Multidimensional Item Response Theory Models to Explain Multi-Category Purchases
Nadine Schröder
The study applies multidimensional item response theory models (MIRT) to analyse multi-category purchase decisions and compares their performance to benchmark models by means of topic models  (to the Management Summary).

The Origins of Brand Love: A Typology of Starting Points 
Dabiel Bruns, Tobias Langner, and Alexander Fischer
In this article three potential sources of the development of brand love are identified: the product and its brand, important events in consumers’ lives, and social influences (to the Management Summary).

The Effects of Message Framing and Ad Credibility on Health Risk Perception
Silvia Heideker and Martina Steul-Fischer 
The results of three experimental studies indicate that message framing does not influence health risk perception when only health arguments, instead of additional appearance arguments, are used in the health advertisement (to the Management Summary).

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