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ISSUE 4/2019


Latent Class Conjoint Choice Models: A Guide for Model Selection, Estimation, Validation, and Interpretation of Results
Friederike Paetz, Maren Hein, Peter Kurz, and Winfried J. Steiner
Conjoint analyses are directly applicable for redesigning existing, or designing new products or product lines, and they are mainly used in practical applications. This method is currently the leading tool for measuring consumer preferences. For disaggregate consumer choice data representing the basis of segmentation, the latent class multinomial logit (MNL) model is now the most popular approach for estimating segment-specific preferences. (to the Summary)

Missing Data - Better "Not to Have Them", but What If You Do? (Part 1)
Dirk Temme and Sarah Jensen
Missing values are a widespread problem in empirical marketing research. In empirical marketing surveys, for example, respondents may overlook some items, may not want to disclose certain information, or may simply lack the motivation to put a lot of cognitive effort into answering a question. The application of advanced missing data methods requires a sound understanding of the prerequisites and limitations of these methods as well as a deeper understanding of the processes that have led to missing values in an empirical study.  (to the Summary)

A Note on Confidence Intervals and Model Specification
Thomas Otter
Exploratory research often goes beyond the mere empirical calibration of parameters in well-established models and rather includes the empirical assessment of different model specifications. In this context, researchers often rely on the statistical information about parameters in a given model to learn about likely model structures. (to the Summary)

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