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ISSUE 3/2019


Are Slim Models Doing Better? Advertising Effect of Model Body Size
Heribert Gierl
Previous studies have shown that the model’s body size (slim, average, or heavy) has an impact on how positively consumers evaluate the promoted product. The studies presented in this paper indicate that, for young average-sized and heavy consumers, the depiction of average-sized models leads to relatively favorable product evaluations. For slim consumers, images of slim models result in positive product evaluations. (to the Executive Summary)

The Effect of Option Framing in Self-Other Decision Making
Michaela Grösch and Martina Steul-Fischer
Option framing can be divided into additive and subtractive framing. In additive framing, are asked to add desired options to a base model (core product, not including any extras), whereas in subtractive framing, individuals are asked to deselect undesired options from a fully loaded product (product
includes all possible extras). (to the Executive Summary)

Measures of Implicit Cognition for Marketing Research
Thorsten Teichert, Alexander Graf, Sajad Rezaei, Philipp Wörfel, and Helen Duh
The article focusses on implicit cognition measures, since consumer decision making and behaviour are largely driven by automatic, unconscious mental processes. While quantitative market
research focuses on eliciting conscious responses (e.g., self-report measures), psychologists’ indirect measures infer unconscious mental content from reaction-time tasks. (to the Executive Summary)

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