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ISSUE 3/2018

Value Enhancement in Private Sharing Processes: A Procedure Model for the Detection of Value Potentials
Wertsteigerung in Private Sharing-Prozessen: Ein Vorgehensmodell zur Aufdeckung von Wertpotenzialen
David Lichter and Rolf Weiber
The authors argue, that the Share Economy is often regarded as one of the strongest emerging economies in the last decade. Private sharing often competes with corresponding offers from companies (corporate sharing) or even with the purchase of products. The development of a procedure model shows a systematic way to identify potential for value enhancement in private sharing, which can be tapped by commercial companies offering suitable support services for private actors.  (to the Executive Summary)

Changes of Organizational Usage Processes: Attitudes, Behaviours and Consequences
Maximilian Huber and Michael Kleinaltenkamp
This paper analyses actors’ perceived attitudes and behaviours towards changes of usage processes through 20 interviews of business usage centre members using the repertory grid technique and means-end chaining. Six types of actors with respect to changes of organizational usage processes are elicited.  (to the Executive Summary)

Value Creation in Usage Processes - Investigating the Micro-foundations of Value-in-Use
Lucas Pfisterer and Stefan Roth
The aims of this paper are to provide a theoretical bridge between abstract macro and concrete micro level research in Service-dominant Logic (SDL) literature, to outline a methodological approach to investigate value-in-use empirically, and to derive comprehensive managerial implications. (to the Executive Summary)

How Individuals Assess Value-in-Use: Theoretical Discussion and Empirical Investigation
Kea Larissa Hartwig and Frank Jacob
The paper illustrates the evolving conceptualization of value-in-use. In doing so, it also reveals that definitional problems still exist; in particular, knowledge is scarce on how customers assess value-in-use, herein defined as users’ judgement of the achievement of goals that underlie value-in-use.  (to the Executive Summary)

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