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ISSUE 4/2018

In the current issue 4/2018, we celebrate the anniversary and the great tradition of 40 years of our journal. You find the first article of this issue in English and in German among the "Free Articles" for download:

Forty Years of the Journal "Marketing Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis - Journal of Research and Management": Retrospection and Prospects
Udo Wagner and Lutz Hildebrandt
The authors address the history and the future of our journal. With the publication of issue 4/2018 the Journal Marketing ZFP – JRM celebrates its 40th year of appearance. This paper deals with the development of the journal Marketing ZFP – JRM during these 40 years.  (to the Summary)

Komplexe Probleme - Einfache Lösungen? Plädoyer für qualitative Analysen in der Marketingforschung
Complex Problems - Unique Solutions? Need for Qualitative Comparative Analyses in Marketing Research
Hans Mühlbacher
Many problems treated by marketing research are complex in the sense of various interrelated factors of influence on an outcome or event of interest, the (missing) sufficiency and necessity of these factors of influence or of configurations of factors for an outcome to appear, the asymmetric relationships between these factors and the outcome, the potential existence of more than one configuration of antecedent conditions leading to the same outcome, and the non-linearity of the relationship between configurations of antecedent conditions and the outcome. (to the Executive Summary)

Actor Engagement Practices and Triadic Value Co-creation in the Team Sports Ecosystem
Maximilian Stieler and Claas Christian Germelmann
The aim of this paper is to unveil the dynamics of multi-actor engagement in triadic constellation as part of a service ecosystem from a social practices standpoint. The authors conducted qualitative in-depth interviews with 22 experts of various kinds in the German Bundesliga. In this context, market-facing (e. g., firms), public (e. g., clubs), and private resource (e. g., spectators) integrators come together to create value collaboratively and form a team sports ecosystem. (to the Executive Summary)

WTG (Way to Go)! How to Take Gamification Research in Marketing to the Next Level
René Eppmann, Kristina Klein, and Magdalena Bekk
The authors argue, that gamification, a new trend in marketing and business practice, is subject to increasing attention by marketers and researchers, but no common ground exists as to what gamification really is and why and when it works. To fill this gap, this paper discusses different perspectives on gamification and offers a revised definition of gamification that provides a clear demarcation of gamification from related but different research areas.  (to the Executive Summary)

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