EuCLR Issue 1/2012 - Table of Content


EuCLR Volume 1/2012 Pages 1 - 102



Anže Erbežnik The Principle of Mutual Recognition as a Utilitarian Solution, and the Way Forward

Jodie Blackstock

Procedural Safeguards and the European Union: a Road well travelled?
Daniek Mansell The European Arrest Warrant and Defence Rights
Gaetano De Amicis Initial Views of the Court of Justice on the European Arrest Warrant: Towards a Uniform Pan-European Interpretation?
Pascal Schonard Judicial Review of EU Acts Affecting Criminal Proceedings
Fanella Billing The Parallel Between Non-removal and Asylum Seekers and Non-execution of a European Arrest Warrant on Human Rights Grounds; The CJEU Case of N.S. v. Secretary of State for the Home Department
Heidelinde Luef-Kölbl Developing Tendencies of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law in Austria




 Book Review

M. Muñoz de Morales Romero, El legislador penal europeo: legitimidad y racionalidad, Foreword by Adán Nieto Martín, Civitas, Thomson Reuters, Pamplona, 2011